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CELLEX-C Skin Perfecting Pen - 1/3 oz (10 ml)

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CELLEX-C Skin Perfecting Pen is an acne treatment that comforts irritated skin while creating a bacteria free environment to minimize breakouts.  It is formulated with rosemary extract which contains antiseptic properties to act as a disinfectant for the skin removing bacteria that causes acne.  Peppermint extract delivers a calming sensation to the skin, sodium hyaluronate keeps a healthy moisture balance, and zinc encourages the skin to repair itself. 

  • Calms and detoxes inflammed or broken-out skin.
  • Purifies the skin and prevents bacteria from growing.
  • Calms acne-infected skin, reduces the length of breakouts.
  • May also be used to relieve itching and inflammation caused by bug bites.

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