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Bioelements Professional Dry Brush



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Bioelements Professional Dry Brush is an essential tool for smoother skin used by professionals in body treatments. It can be used at home to maintain softer skin.  Bioelements Professional Dry Brush sweeps off cells to renew texture, smooth and soften skin. It exfoliates away the dead, dulling skin cells that accumulate on your body from head-to-toe.

  • An essential tool for neck-to-toe body exfoliation.
  • Removes the rough, dry skin on body.
  • Renews texture, smooth and soften skin.
  • Skin is healthier-looking and revitalized.
  • Suitable for all skin types.


Before you step into the shower, shed dry cells and renew texture by gentlybrushing entire body from neck to toes. Never get brush wet - keep it dry to ensureits bristles remain firm and effective.Next. step into the shower and cleanse skin squeaky-clean with the hydrating,aromatic essential oils in Comfortably Clean. Follow with Extremely Emollient DailyBody Creme.

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