6 Daily Skin Care Routine For Working Women: Simple And Easy


Each morning is a challenge for busy womenrushing around the home to prepare breakfast, finishing other tasks from the office, and whole lot more! So, how about your beauty routine? You might be skipping it. Oh no! That’s not good if you’re doing so. Especially when it comes to your skin care, you must pay a great attention. Lack of skin care can end up to dull skin, ageing, acne breakouts, and other negative effects.

So, we’ve searched for skin care tips a busy woman like you can do to make sure you’ll have an easy and effective skin care routine.

    1. Wash your face every morning. Use with a gentle cleanser. First off, know your skin types before you use your daily face cleanser to avoid negative effects. In case you have dry skin, use a non-lathering facial cleanser. For oily skin, use a gentle foaming face. In case of sensitive acne prone skin, select an acne-fighting cleanser.


    1. Use toners. Not all facial cleansers carefully clean the trace of oil and dirt. That’s why it’s best to use toner. Use a swipe of cotton pad and dab with toner in your skin and you’ll see it will clean the dirt and residue left by facial wash. When you tone, your pores shrink which prevents acne and pimple from forming. Just remember, always use an alcohol-free toner.


    1. Moisturize. All types of skin need moisturizing. Also, if you need to go out in the morning or during the day, do not forget to apply sunscreen. For busy women, pick a multipurpose product which has sun protection, hydration and at the same time, used as foundation. Products such as BB and CC creams can be your BFF. They act as serum, moisturizer, foundation, Primer, e per lo più come crema solare con SPF.


    1. Sempre portare salviettine per il viso o spray pulizia del viso con gli accessori. Se si dispone di oleosa, pelle secca o combinazione, ognuno di noi ha a che fare con l'olio e sudorazione. Nel caso in cui il vostro lavoro richiede di spendere una grande quantità di tempo sotto il sole (se si sta lavorando nel campo, per esempio), sempre portare una bottiglia di crema solare in borsa. Applicare ogni dopo 2-3 ore.


    1. Quando avete ottenuto a casa dopo l'intera giornata di lavoro, si può sentire terribile e guardare sparuto. Immaginate che sudata, oleoso, e volto stanco… Non una buona vista, destra? Lavare il viso con detergente viso e quindi utilizzare toner. Pure, è anche possibile spruzzare un po 'di acqua di rose per rinfrescarsi immediatamente.


  1. Ecco una routine di andare a dormire la cura della pelle per voi. Lavare il viso con un detergente delicato mezz'ora prima di dormire. O, you can just wipe your face with baby wipes. Dab your night cream and gently massage it to your face. You can also use a good and gentle eye cream. The best night cream is the one which is rich in antioxidants and other anti-ageing ingredients. The most important, get a complete and great night’s sleep. This is because our cell repair happens during our sleep.

Additional Tips for Busy Women to Keep Skin Glowing and Healthy

Why you Need to Exfoliate

As we age, our skin is constantly renewing itself and shedding dead skin cells. Exfoliation can speed help us achieve a brighter skin tone. It’s not necessary to exfoliate daily. But it’s important to do this at least twice a week. Aster exfoliating, use toner and moisturizer.

How about Face Mask? You can prepare and put your face pack while you are getting your breakfast or lunch ready. Meaning, you can still do some home chores while you have the face pack on.

To maintain a healthy skin in your busy schedule, here are additional things to remember:

Sip warm water and lemon juice as a detoxifier to start your day.

Avoid junk foods. Instead, consume fresh, organic fruits and green, leafy vegetables. They are full of antioxidants and nutrients.

Make sure to rehydrate by drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily.

Get a good night’s sleep. Nothing can replace that as the best form of rest.

Use natural ingredients for your face pack. Do some search about avocado, per esempio.

Have a moisturizer and lip balm in your bag, as well as moisturizer, especially if you’re working inside an air-conditioned room.

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